03 October 2008

Carry All Copenhagen

Copenhagen Cargo Bike Culture
I did another guest blogger piece for the The Los Angeles Times' Bottleneck Traffic Blog, this time all about Copenhagen's Cargo Bike Culture. I don't need to bang on about it here when you can just pop over and read it yourself on their website.

It's the second in the series of guest posts from Copenhagen. Here's the first.

Copenhagen Cargo Bike Culture
I just thought I'd chuck up the graphics I made for the article. A little potpourri of cargo bikeness.


0tt0 said...

Very nice, but one flaw: the blue Long John in the last row is no Esimex. It's most likely an old bike from around the 1940's, maybe an SCO. It has three pairs of rear stays which you won´t find on newer models, including those built by Esimex. See the
Long John Frame Guide for more info.

However, the Acrobat Ice Cream bike featured in the second image is actually made by Esimex.

Zakkaliciousness said...

Thanks so much for that insight! Interesting stuff and great link. Only one wrong out of that many isn't bad! :-)