02 October 2008

Copenhagenize Bicycle Battle - Sexists v. Feminists

Ladies and Gentleman. Live from Copenhagen. It's the inaugural Copenhagenize Bicycle Battle.

In the Blue Corner:
Bitchcruiser Bicycle
Origin unknown but we're guessing North America. The Bitchcruiser. Marrying, at long last, unnaturally high testosterone levels, a misogynist world-view and good old-fashioned sexism with... The Bicycle.

In the Pink Corner:
Vagina Bicycle Taxi
From Helsinki, Finland. The Giant Vulva Bicycle Taxi, created by the artist [pictured] Mimosa Pale, who feels the world is too penis-centric. She calles it a Mobile Female Monument.

You just crawl inside and are cycled around the city. You get to feel like the star of a film by Pedro Almodovar. Put some windows in it and the title would be 'A Womb With a View'.

So... here's the question. If you HAD to ride down the main street of your town or city on one of these - let's assume you had to ride the bike pulling the vagina and not hidden inside... too easy - which one would you choose?