06 October 2008

Load On, Load Off

Laes Paa
'Load On, Load Off' sounds like something Mr Miyagi would instruct Daniel to do in The Karate Kid. In this case it is the new loading areas along the street Nørrebrogade. The one that is now in the process of being transformed to a more liveable space, closed off to cars and with bus zones and wider bike lanes. We posted about the bus zones with their cool, graphic red dots.

Since there is no stopping for vehicles along certain stretches, there are loading areas established on side streets for trucks who are delivering goods to shops. Again, cool and untraditional graphic design is in play.
Læs af, Læs på
The signage is so new you can still see the chalk marks. I think it looks smashing.

Thank you, Mr Bondam.

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nollij said...

My first inclination was to comment "isn't that fancy graphic going to get worn off too soon?" but then I realized that if you're talking about lots of bikes and fewer cars (and buses of course) it's going to wear out slower. It IS fancy... I wish they would do that here in the states... that and the green wave.. that is just so cool! I wonder if there is a youtube video of someone doing the whole thing at one shot. Maybe speed it up for brevity, but show the whole thing...