17 October 2008


Kazi Kazi
I love seeing how people personalise their bikes. There is no limit to their fantasy. It's just a bike, not some fancy-ass NASA spaceship, so why not spice it up a bit.
Kazi Kazi Bike

A Ride For A Star
And this is cool, too. A Ride for A Star. That's you, by the way. This isn't personalised, this is the slogan from the bikemaker.

Sounds so much nicer than "Turbo Hardcore X6000 Graphite-Kevlar-Space-Age-Materials-Hybrid Lighweight Machine."

Just 'a ride for a star'.


Kevin Love said...

I've seen all kinds of writings on bicycles here in Toronto. The ones that stick in my mind are sending a message.

"zero emission vehicle"

"human/electric hybrid"
(This on an electric bicycle)

My all-time favourite was on the back of a milk crate on the rear rack of a bicycle in downtown Toronto where someone was taking the lane:

"If you pass me illegally, I'll be back in front of you at the next red light"

Sure enough, a car did pass him illegally, and he did pull back right in front of that car at the next red light.

Yokota Fritz said...

You might like this bike personalization in Vietnam, where they wrap boa feathers around their bikes.