29 October 2008

Promoting Cycling as a Lifestyle - Paul Frank

Here's a groovy video/advert for Paul Frank bikes. They have quite a clear idea of their marketing throughout their range of products. They're selling a lifestyle, not a sport, and that's a good thing. Thanks to the readers who sent the link.

Their cruiser bikes are quite popular here in Copenhagen - if you're a 12-18 year old girl that is. They're all the rage among that set.
Paul Frank Bikes
Here's two just the other day outside of my son's school. An Orange Julius Cruiser and a Mod Cruiser.

Silly Silly Silly
Although one of the bikes still had this ridiculous sticker on it.

All in all, though, very cool design and packaging.


Tony Bullard said...

I don't like that ad at all. It doesn't seem to be selling the lifestyle at all, at least not to me. Two people in an alley doesn't say, "you can use this to get around town" They showed off the bike the same way they'd show of a pair of pants.

Just an all around bad commercial.

Anonymous said...

Okay, this is completely off-topic, but I have to know: What's the downside of Copenhagen? I mean, it looks like paradise, bike-wise, city-livability-wise, socially - everything.

S for those of use who live in less evolved locales, could you throw us some fact(s) about what sucks there? It would make us feel a little like we're wasting our lives in social/cycling backwaters.


Mark in Santa Barbara, USA

Anonymous said...

Mark: Nowhere is perfect (e.g. the recent immigration policies) but CPH really is a very nice place :)

Zakkaliciousness said...

tony: the target group is young people so in a way this is fresh and new for THAT target group who have grown up with car culture. just a thought.

mark: good idea for post! thanks.

Zakkaliciousness said...

although regarding the immigration policies, that reflects the right-wing national government... copenhagen is much more tolerant than the rest of the country... but point taken.

Cycle Chick said...

And to be fair, the rest of the country doesn't entirely consist of raving racist either. Although that seems to be the predujice from some Copenhageners :-)

Zakkaliciousness said...

Absolutely, Cycle Chick. If you look at the voter base for the Danish Peoples' Party [Dansk Folkeparti], who are the racist party in our parliament, you'll see that most voters who place an X next to them are the elderly and those without higher education who live in the provinces.

Basically groups who have little or no daily exposure to immigrants. So I won't paint the whole nation with that brush but rather narrow it down a bit.

tinarama said...

Seems like a lot of marketing going that way lately in the U.S. It's like you're supposed to believe there are only two choices in bikes: either the spandex-clad technical athletical roadie bike, or the factory-decorated bells & streamers & a fancy basket bike that looks like it was made for a middle-school age girl. Expensive or cheap, the message is clear – bikes are toys for recreation. Not that there's anything wrong with recreation, but it's not the ONLY reason to ride! Thanks for promoting the idea that bikes are also great for TRANSPORTATION! No special equipment required (though please feel free to gear up if it makes you enjoy yourself more!).

Zakkaliciousness said...

well said, tinarama

João Lacerda said...

Brazilian Funk music I might ad, or at least the lyrics are sung by a brazilian! ;)

I've liked it! Good to see bike ads and not for sport users.