08 October 2008

Surfing the Green Wave in Copenhagen

I've written about the Green Wave but I've never actually tried it. So yesterday I rode a long section of it and filmed from my bike. I didn't go all the way to the city centre, choosing instead to stop and film the morning bicycle rush hour.

You can see that for long stretches the number of cars is minimal. This was bumper to bumper traffic only a couple of weeks ago. You will also see the amazing flow of cyclists in the morning light.

When starting the ride it was about 08:15. When I stopped and filmed, the flow increased. 08:30-09:00 seems to be peak hours, although the flow never really stops.

Thank you, Mayor Bondam.

The music is Danish. The first track is a group called Ibens. The song is "Jeg savner min blå cykel" or I miss my blue, blue bicycle. An ode to the bicycle of childhood/youth. The second track is Tue West with "Sæt dig bag på min cykel" or Get up on the back of my bike... and enjoy it.


cyclingred said...

Wow! You promote slow bicycing but those people seem to be pedaling really fast. :)

Is it just where you took the movie or does rush hour have more bicycles than cars, buses and trucks?

WestfieldWanderers said...

cyclingred: I was thinking the same as you about the "slow bicycling" connection.

Kind of reminded me of that old BBC film London to Brighton in 4 minutes!

brandon said...


I almost fell out of my chair when I heard Ibens over the video. When I was living in CPH, I saw them at Temple House (?) out near IKEA. At the end of their set, I shouted: "Jeg kommer alle vejen fra San Francisco at hore dig spille jeg savner min blaa blaa cykel." At that point, everyone looked at me weird and my friend started laughing since my translation was horribly wrong.

I followed up with, "I dag er min fodselsdag," which did the trick and rocked out to my favorite song.

Thanks for making me remember a funny story. As for Green Wave, the plan is to widen the bike lane on Norrebrogade eventually if they ban cars, correct? Hopefully it will be way more awesome and I can cruise down Norrebrogade when I am in CPH again.

Anonymous said...

awesome video!!! you really captured the vitality and cycle-sense of the city.

Zakkaliciousness said...

Thanks everyone.
The people cycling fast... um... you do realise that I sped up the film, right? :-)

they are not going faster than 20 km/h, which isn't that fast.

on this stretch there are 35000 bikes each day, 35000 people on public transport and on foot and about 10,000 cars. Fewer cars now that they closed off part of the street to vehicles.

cool story, Brandon! Love it.

karianne said...

I think I could watch that all day -- beautifully mesmerizing! Wish I were back there right now (duh). I've been there and seen it, and you talk about it all the time, but it's lovely to see how everyone looks out for everyone else... I will be sharing this one around. Thanks!

saralein said...

This is the most beautiful thing I've seen today.