09 October 2008

Tuomo - The Helsinki Bullitt

A little bit of cargo bike deliciousness from a Nordic neighbour in Helsinki. Tuomo runs a bike messenger company in the Finnish capital and he is pictured above on his new Bullit cargo bike from Larry vs. Harry.

Hi guys!
I'm a bike messenger who started a tiny cargo bike messenger operation last year here in Helsinki, Finland. Our idea is to demonstrate the functionality and environmental benefits of cargo bikes - not just to make profit. Helsinki is quite bike hostile city, winters are crap and planning for bike lanes etc. is erratic at best - but we try to make a difference.

I´ve been reading your blog for some time now - and really, really like the way you do things over in Copenhagen. I just bought a modern Bullit-type cargo bike from Larry vs. Harry - our other bikes are of Dutch/German Filibus-type.

Check out our website!

Great to hear from Helsinki, Tuomo. Thanks for sending us the photo.

There is a boom in European bike messengers choosing two-wheeled cargo bikes at the moment, especially the Bullitt from Larry vs. Harry. Not only here in Copenhagen, but in Berlin, Paris and other cities.
Bike Messenger
There are already messengers on three wheels in Copenhagen but the two-wheeled movement is growing and Larry vs. Harry is leading the way since their inaugural appearence at the Eurobike Bike Fair a couple of months ago.

Rumour has it that there will be a cargo bike category at the next bike messenger world championships in Berlin. Coooool.

Article from the New York Times on bike messengers on cargo bikes.


Anonymous said...

There has been a Cargo Bike Race at the last several Cycle Messenger World Championships. When it was held in Seattle in 2003, I actually participated - I didn't really compete, as I am not a messenger. It was tremendous fun, and I was wishing that we could do it once a month or so. Since then, we've been making do with Cargo Bike Picnic rides, which are less competetive, and involve more food (though just as much beer). Val

Courier Co-op Toronto said...

the cargo bike race at the toronto cmwc was a lot of fun to watch too, unfortunately we didn't have our cargo bike until just after it.

tuomo and everyone else using cargo bikes have the right idea to show its efficiency and environmental benefits. glad to see the cargo bike revolution taking off.

Zakkaliciousness said...

cool stuff.

although the cargo bike revolution started about 90 years ago... :-)

Sean said...

Hey, don't forget about New York!

Here's a recent article from the New York Times about how even here, cargo bikes are gaining some popularity.

Here's the link:


Shane Rhodes said...

Yep, have to agree, the cargo bike movement has been around for awhile and the revival started back in the mid 90's... this might be termed the second revival. I competed in the Cycle Messenger World Championship race's Cargo division in 1996.

Jan Vandertuin of Human Powered Machines, right here in Eugene, Oregon (US) has been building a version of the Long John he calls the Long Haul since the early 1990s. I have one that I've used as a cargo bike messenger for years (though not for about 4 years now).

Check out http://www.pedalexpress.com for some cargo bike messengers around the US.