12 November 2008

Copendam Amsterhagen

Marc Flash
It had to happen sometime, didn't it. Marc from Amsterdamize.com visited Copenhagen last weekend and we spent some great times together.

Most refreshing was that I didn't have to ramble on and on about our bike culture like I do with other foreign guests [which I enjoy doing, it's worth noting] but being from A'Dam, Marc had seen much of it before.
Copendam Amsterhagen
So we concentrated on taking the piss out of each other, riding around in the rain and shooting photos and video.

The First Copenhagen Invitational Slow Bicycle Race was a highlight and we're working on editing the video in concerto, as well as other fun clips.
Marc - Casamia
Marc is quicker [or has less to do] and posted this on his blog:

CPH Cycle Chic Peek from Amsterdamize on Vimeo.

Stay tuned for more Copendam/Amsterhagen bike fellowship.


Morten said...

That is one cool bike! Where can I get one?

Marc said...

You're a great host, Mikael, and as much as, if not more of a nut than I am, luckily :)

That was one fun weekend, like kids in a candy store.

PS: lots of practice makes perfect/fast execution, buddy :)

'Copendam', I like it.

@morten: you can browse at workcycles.com, but that particular FR8 transport bike is so new, it's not listed there, yet (but soon will).

Morten said...

Thanks Marc :)

m e l i g r o s a said...

very cute

lehommeaulevelo said...

I enjoyed that Video,it looks great there in Copenhagen. I noticed some People with strange Multicoloured Fish Bowels on their Heads,you ought to put a stop to that it numbs the Brain. I like Marcs Crossframe very nice.

0tt0 said...

Like the frame design. Looks elegant but still rigid. What make are those red wall tyres?

marc said...

@lehommeaulevelo: thanks! And yeah, it's now even more clear to me why Mikael is so passionately against the instituted fish bowl fear mongering.

@0tt0: the tire's called a Schwalbe Returner in size 57-559.

chococat78 said...

I absolutely love the video! It looks like you guys had a ton of fun that weekend :)