20 November 2008

Guitar Bike Hero

Here's an advert for the video game Guitar Hero World Tour, one of a series, but this one features a bicycle. I don't know this particular game, so I have absolutely no idea what the hell is going on, but hey. It's a bicycle.

One of the other adverts in the series features Heidi Klum doing a rip off of Tom Cruise's dance in Risky Business. Nothing to do with bikes but hey... it's a supermodel in brassiere and knickers.

Golden Boy

Here's another youthful bike related film. A Japanese animated piece about a race between a bicycle and a motorbike. Completely unrealistic but good fun.

And one more... half live-action, half animation. A little bicycle filmy thing.


movie buff said...

whether or not this was deliberately created to be a viral video, it still rocks... i could not tell at any point that it was fake

Anonymous said...

Adding &fmt=18 to the end of some youtube urls gives better quality e.g. http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=i4x1ORED5uY&fmt=18

coffeerama said...

they totally got me; now i wanna go play guitar hero