11 November 2008

Swedish Bank Advert

Thanks to Kristoffer in Göteborg [Gothenberg] Sweden who took this quick shot of a current advert on a bus stop for a Swedish bank, SBAB.

The text reads, "Bilen trist - Cyklen javisst!"

A rough translation - this is a tricky one to translate directly - is:

"The car - so sad. The bicycle - yes sir!"
"Save money with SBAB. 4.75 interest rate from your first krona."

They went old school with this campaign. I thought that like many banks it has a long history and maybe they reused an old advert from 'back in the day' but they were founded in 1985.

Whatever the case, they are selling the bicycle.


melancholic optimist said...

It's not nearly as nicely advertised as the Swedish one, but I just noticed the other day that a Portland credit union (similar to a bank) is also offering fixed rate loans on bicycle purchases:




Christopher Ray Miller said...

SAAB vs SBAB (smile)

Adrienne said...

If too many more banks collapse, we'll all be buying bikes 'cause there won't be enough money for anything else!

chococat78 said...

I just purchased my first bike in over 15 years so I am ahead of the pack if all the banks crash and people start clamoring to the bike shops ;)