03 December 2008

Brasil e as bicicletas

Here's a Brazilian video with bicycle scenes from all manner of international films edited together with a 'bicicleta' song. Quite a groovy montage. I love the Mr Bean clip where he pedals happily past the Tour de France riders. Anybody know what film the Melanie Griffith bit is from?

And here's the above song in the original version, as sung by Simone Bittencourt de Oliveira. Nothing but bikes.

And this is just scary 80's kitsch. :-) Brazilian singer Marcus Valle's music video for his 1984 'classic' - Bicicleta.

Muito obrigado ao meu amigo, Joao for the links.


KMA6 said...

Films with bikes are great.
My personal favourite is the intro to Flashdance.

Will Tylander said...

Don't think Melanie Griffith was in there. But Meg Ryan was from 'City of Angels', a terrible tear jerker with Nic Cage.

Zakkaliciousness said...

oh, yeah, meg ryan, of course. in the sub-standard hollywood remake of the classic Wim Wenders film Der Himmel über Berlin - Wings of Desire in English... that's my film critique done for the day... :-)

The Jolly Crank said...

Yeah City of Angels doesn't hold a candle to Wings of Desire. And City of Angels gets a negative message vote from me because of what happens during that bike ride!