14 December 2008

Christmas Tree Transport

Christmas Tree Transport
Heading to a friend's for dinner last week and this chap was heading home with the seasonal tree. The christmas tree celebrates 200 years in Denmark this year. The first tree was put up in a country estate in 1808, an imported idea from Germany.


David Hembrow said...

Doesn't everyone collect their tree by bike ?

Adrienne Johnson said...

Well, David, this year we will be getting ours by bike for the first time! Today we bought a BOB-type Nashbar trailer that had only been used for a couple of months for $40! So now, we can get the tree on the bike and I can't wait! We don't get our tree until Christmas Eve, so now I am anticipating fun, and how many adults get that excited about Christmas anymore?

I might be ordering a basket for it if it turns out to be something I like! (cross your fingers) :)

w.v. 'aring'

....5 golden arings!, 4 of David's baskets, 3 bike bells, 2 calanders, and a tree pulled on my bike!

Cycle Chick said...

I got mine on my bike aswell. I didn't ride it though, it was to heavy. But I used to bike to carry the tree and walked home. Can't wait to dance around it on Christmas Eve.

Cycle Chick said...

to bike = the bike

Anonymous said...

The very kind tree seller bound mine with twine such that I could sling it over my back like a messenger bag. I got some funny looks riding through NYC like that, but they were mostly variations on pleasant surprise. Great blog, Mikael, even if it fills me with endless livable streets envy :D

amsterdamize said...


Let's call it a trend! ;)