11 December 2008

The Cyclist's Christmas

Cyklistens Jul 1896
Saw this in the window of an antique shop the other day. 'Cyklisten' [The Cyclist] was an incredibly popular magazine around the turn of the last century when the bicycle was booming all over the planet.

This is a cover for the magazine for the Christmas 1896 edition. Quite lovely. Didn't see a price. Didn't dare ask.


sezgihan said...

merhaba ;

istanbul - euroasia - turkey

Kiwehtin said...

My Danish is very approximate, but couldn't "Cyklistens Jul" (Cyclist's Christmas) be a pun on "Cyklistens hjul" (Cyclist's wheel), given that they're pronounced the same [ju'l]? Especially seeing this particular "cyklist" is standing on one? That was my immediate reaction, in any case... (I admit, my mind seeks out puns wherever it can.)

m e l i g r o s a said...

lovely and poetic!!
just a graphic feeling of what riding every morning feels like♥


Anneke said...

Oh, I love the ads and covers and stuff from that period! I have this calendar with all these advertisements, many with bikes on them, however the main interest of the artists seem to be either long (very, very long) hair or gowns blowing in the wind. Still, there are bikes on the posters. :) I'll try to post some if I can.

Kiwehtin said...

Just google "vintage bike posters" and similar terms and you will get numerous hits with posters from the early 1900s and earlier. Most are from Britain and France, some but not as many from the Netherlands and Italy. The way people dressed on bikes back then was as elegant as you could want.