19 December 2008

Four Cargo Bikes One Day

Watching Soldiers
A father and daughter watch the Queen's Lifeguards marching through the city, as they do every day, on their way to the changing of the guard at the palace. They're sitting in/on their Triobike. They are really gaining in popularity in Copenhagen.

Take Off
A Nihola rolling along Nørrebrogade. With a little accessory on the front - a propeller that spins happily. Here's me guessing that it's for the pleasure of the kids who ride in the Nihola.

Soup and Hot Chocolate
Custom-made soup and hot chocolate vending bikes on Amager Square. The past year has seen an explosion of custom bikes for selling goods on the streets here in Copenhagen. The City relaxed the rules about vendors and that really opened up the streets to creative bike designs - and it's a plus for creating a vibrant city.
One of the national newspapers sell subscriptions from a Christiania bike on the busy pedestrian street Strøget.


Michael Meiser said...

Those treo are teh bomb. If I percieve it correctly they're the height of bicycle status. The luxury family sedan of bicycling. Normally I hate status, but in this case it's such an amazing thing to see a cargo as a status symbol. It's a sign of a tremendously healthy bike culture.

Inversely the only bikes here that are a status symbol outside of the tiny world of hard core enthusiasts would be a high end road bike.

town mouse said...

Surely the troops should be on bikes too?

Got to get me one of those bike propellers though...

Mikael said...

Trio are, in a way, a status symbol. The Mercedes of cargo bikes, if you were. You can pop off the bike, put on the front wheel - under the cargo bay - and leave the cargo bay at the kindergarten or school and ride to work on the bike.

The past five years has seen an increase in the number of high-end bicycles here. Velorbis, among others, sell well to people who, for the first time, realise that bicycles don't have to be just black. They can actually look nice, too.

bloodline said...

imagine, i just wrote a post on cargo bikes as well...still tough to afford a cargo bike and an automobile, solution = ditch the car
storage of the cargo bike, oh, now that there isn't a car in the garage, took care of both

Kiwehtin said...

town mouse said...
Surely the troops should be on bikes too?

In the European Great War of 1914-1918 bicycles were widely used in armies. There are many pictures on the web of military bikes and there are vintage posters from the Dutch bike maker Fongers trumpeting the fact that they were the exclusive bicycle of the Dutch army. The famous Swedish brand, Kronan, was also originally developed as a military bicycle.