10 December 2008

Ode to the Bicycle Bell

It is said that no other country has praised the bicycle in song, poetry and literature as much as Denmark. This love affair peaked in the 1930's and 1940's. Over at Cycle Chic we have a selection of historical cycling quotes in various posts.

I found this poem and illustration, above, in a poetry collection by Fini Løkke. It's from 'Situations 1965-1969'.

A simple little ode to the bicycle bell. Here's the translation:

the bicycle bell
beams, happy
and round, a little
brain without power:
touch me, please touch
you´re only real
as sound

I would have translated the last bit as
"you only exist
as sound"
but nobody asked me to translate it so I'll get my coat.

More from Løkke Publishing.


Fini Løkke said...

Tak til Mikael for både digt og tegning. For min skyld må du gerne skrive 'you only exist as sound' Men digtet er ikke fra 1959 og Lyttepost, men senere, som du kan se i indholdsfortegnelsen. Og det ville glæde mig, hvis du nævnede www. lokkepublishing (Digte), så andre kunne få udbytte af hjemmesiden. Men det ser rigtig fint ud på cykelsiden, og ideen er god. Fini Løkke

Mikael said...

tak fini. jeg har rettet det. og linket.
et fint, fint digt.

Eric said...

What about: "you're only as real as the sound you make"

Mikael said...

oooh, nice one, Eric. definately the best one.

Adrienne Johnson said...

as we ride through life,
on bells and cobble stoned paths,
our true mark is rung.

w.v.- 'barobsca'
The finest examples of mediocre haiku can be found in the writings of Heinric Barobsca.

Adrienne Johnson said...
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