17 December 2008

Parisian Bike Culture Documentary

Paris Bike Culture - Cycling Sociably
Over at the Social Biking Blog I found a great little documentary on the American PBS channel's website about the Vélib' bike share programme in Paris. It's part of a series calld e2 about transport . There is only an excerpt lasting 3:00 minutes, narrated by Brad Pitt of all people, but it's definately worth a look.

The success of the Vélib' programme took everyone by surprise. Bike sales, of regular bikes, are booming.

Here's the link. And here's the link to the E2 series website where you can see the whole episode and the other ones, too.

And you're always welcome to see my little text and photo essay about the rebirth of Parisian bike culture over at Copenhagen Cycle Chic.


Motorcycle Jacket said...


I think the Parisian Bike culture is so different to other countries because there are so many people use typical and strong bikes.

ScottHi said...

e2 is a great series. Go to their website at
to watch the full episodes.

Anonymous said...

Whether or not Velib is successful in meeting stated objectives remains to be determined. It appears that it's been successful in promoting cycling on a larger scale and helpful in creating critical mass, that's good news. Let's hope e2 will educate many more.

njh said...

What a fantastic series! I've watched all the transport ones and they are all fascinating. I didn't realise that part of the reason that London's congestion has increased is because they have been turning streets to bikes and buses. Livingstone is going to go down as a true legend in 20 years.

Kevlar Gloves said...


There are so many people using better kind of bikes. The Parisian culture did not match to other culture because there are so many people using different types of things and items.

Motorcycle Jackets said...

The peoples are using bikes and bicycles all around the world. And there are different sort of culture of different countries as you have been sharing with us about to the "Parisian Bike Culture Documentary"..:)