03 December 2008

Station Flora

It's quite easy to take your bike with you in Copenhagen's trains and metro.
It's also quite easy to Copenhagenize your bike. Just find a basket and adorn it with plastic flowers.
Noone knows who started this trend, as you cannot buy a flower-basket-kit anywhere. It's decorative anarchy - but rather overwhelmingly widespread. A quick glance at my local train station offered no less than 5 flower-baskets...

Train Flowers
Honolulu Goes North
Train Flowers
Train Flowers
Train Flowers

But is this only a Copenhagen phenomenon? I remember seeing some adorned bikes in Amsterdam, but as the Dutch are more into panniers it's not really the same. Or?


Anonymous said...

I think you may not have been looking in the right places - check this: http://www.hetblijefietsenplan.nl/ The Dutch like flowers, too! Val

Anneke said...

Most people I know (in the Netherlands, not just Amsterdam) have painted their bikes in all colours; gold, white, pink, blue, anything really. Black is still popular, but many bikes are painted too.

Zakkaliciousness said...

The 'flowers on the basket' trend is at least a century old.

amsterdamize said...

Mikael, I can assure you that it's popular here as well, and it's been popular for ages, indeed. Some are modest, but more and more I see quite lavishly decorated with plastic flowers.

Forget plastics for a second, we are best known for transporting fresh flowers on our bikes. In our crates, baskets or just on the rear or front rack. As long as they make it home :)

stussy said...

I have spotted a few floral baskets here in Melbourne. They make for a fantastic diversion from the monotony of commuter hybrids and carbon racers. Apart from a very few, people here still seem stuck on the uncreative lycra take on cycling. Keep up these awesome blogs on cycle chic and we'll keep linking people to them!!

Zakkaliciousness said...

marc, i think you're talking to Velomama... it's her post.

Thanks, stussy! Used to live in Melbourne so whatever I can do to help I'll keep doing it.

Anonymous said...

Re: kits

There have been times and places where the worst insult you could throw at a man (and by inference his wife) was:

He buys his things.

Doing it yourself isn't anarchy; it's self-reliance, taking care of yourself.

Although in that regard the plastic flowers themselves are "kit." They are factory manufactured goods.

Make your own fabric flowers (I stop short of "make your own fabric", but that used to be the norm as well and really not that hard in small quantities).

Adrienne said...

@Mikael- I think after 100 years, the 'trend' has become a 'tradition'.

w.v.- 'yergami'

The art of folding a (recycled) bicycle into a chair

Zakkaliciousness said...

i'm not gami... yer gami.