16 January 2009

NIKE: Yoghurt vs Gasoline

NIKE hops onto the bicycle in advertising trend by editing a short version of an existing online film featuring two brothers, as far as I can tell.

It's a part of their Game Changers campaign. It's simple, effective and straight to the point.


Angus said...

I have just read in Monocle that New York city have hired Jan Gehl to Copenhagenise New York. That's great but they should hire you also.

Lynn said...

It's nice to see that he rode an older style bike with fenders (looks just like my dad's) instead of a racing bike or fixie. Proves the point even better.

Anonymous said...

Why didn't the motorcycle take the West Side Highway? Of course Broadway is going to be slow.

Anonymous said...

Great video!

BTW, another bike ad: Italy and bikes: