16 February 2009

A Winter Commute

Copenhagenize.com - Winter Bicycle Commute from Colville Andersen on Vimeo.

I filmed my route down to the South Harbour, to a ship on which I'm shooting a TV programme at the moment. No main roads with tens of thousands of cyclists, even in the winter, just a quiet route.

Most of the bike lanes were snowploughed but as I got farther from the busy stretches, the lanes were still awaiting the ploughs. The snow, while only 5 cm or so, came quick so the ploughs were busy on the main commuters routes.


Adrienne Johnson said...

What strikes me in your film is how often you interact with cars on this route, which makes it look not that much different from many of the routes that I take. One thing we do not have is parking on the left. Do you have many interactions with pedestrians (the most unpredictable factor in my riding life!)?

Mikael said...

Hmm. Interacting with cars? I don't feel as though I interact with them at all, so your comment is interesting.

Firstly, I've on - for the most part - separated bike lanes so I don't even think about the cars. At intersections, the cars stop to allow bikes to continue straight on.

You take care, but cars are used to bicycles, so there is rarely any panic.

Parking on the left is the preferred system and the bike lanes are wide enough to accomodate for doors opening. But again, motorists are expecting bikes to be coming, so a door swinging out is a rare occurance. It happens, but it's rare.

Pedestrians? Yes, on busier routes, but not that much direct interaction. Many busstops in Copenhagen are on 'islands' so that disembarking passengers get off and wait on the island for a hole in the bike traffic.

In some of the shots in the film there are regular bus stops where we stop for the passengers while they get off.

But generally, the traffic flow is smooth. Pedestrians have the right of way, the bike have the infrastructure in place for their own flow and cars respect it, by and large.

Anonymous said...

The only pedestrians you have to watch out for are tourist. Whoa, they are dangerous. The just wander right out in front of you on the street.
Pesky tourist :-)

Mikael said...

haha... those pesky, but lovely tourists. yesterday, a sweet japanese couple were promenading down the bike lane by the City Hall Square... in rush hour! They quickly realised that they should hop up on the sidewalk.

Kelly A. said...

I just became aware of your wonderful blog recently. Could you post the French artist (and title if possible). I love it! thanks.

Mikael said...

thanks! vanessa paradis is the artist.

Kelly A. said...

Ahh.. Thanks.

Sigrid said...

That was like a mini-vacation, and it was about going to work! :) I loved how the snow slowly began to accumulate on the light. Do you have a special rig for your camera? I'm curious how you have that set up - maybe you can take a picture of it for us. Beautiful as always - thanks for the escape and always the inspiration.

Mikael said...

hey sigrid
no special rig.
just a gorilla pod for my IXUS.
strapped onto the bike with a plastic zip strap.


John said...


I have been looking for a replacement bike for my commute here in NYC. I have been looking at the Velorbis (Churchill classic and balloon) but have been heitant due to lack of winter experience with them here. Now that I see your commute, that concern is no longer valid. Granted, NYC has no love for bike lanes and thus my studded tires have been a big help on the sheer ice I tend to see over the bridges. Watching this makes me think is is time to trade up. I will just have to decide on 26" or 700c wheels.

Thanks for the inspiration,

Mikael said...

hey john. great! be sure to check out the snowstorm photos on copenhagen cycle chic, too