22 February 2009

Winter Rush Hour in Copenhagen

Winter Rush Hour
The snow continues to fall in Copenhagen but the bicycles continue rolling. This is Nørrebrogade, the busiest bike street in the nation. You can see that the morning bicycle rush hour, while thinned out a bit, is still respectable.
Queen Louise
Bicycles crossing Queen Louise's Bridge.
Quite often you witness a little traffic jam when some cars don't make it over the intersection. But when the bike traffic lights turn green, there is little mercy. Often cars are stuck in the intersection while hundreds of bikes roll past, unaffected by the car's fate. Flowing like a river in front and behind the car. I love it when that happens.


Joel said...

Love the winter shots Mikael. Awesome! Copenhagenize is my new homepage, so I'll be more up to speed now.

Adrienne Johnson said...

I can't get over how many people ride in that without hats. I'll take a hat over an extra layer any day.

Mikael said...

We're Vikings, dahling, Vikings. :-)

Adrienne Johnson said...

Yeah, so? Vikings don't lose heat from their heads? I see no horned helmets, either :)

I heard that the red hair experienced by Scots is a result of Viking blood. Maybe we are related :)