08 March 2009

Changing Lanes in Copenhagen

Shoulder Check Wrong Lane
It's a common experience. You're in one lane and things are going fine. Suddenly, you realise that the lane you're in has become a turning lane for turning left and you have every intention of heading straight on.

Your pulse increases a bit as you shoulder check for traffic in the other lane. You have to merge quicksmart, as you are approaching the stationary traffic waiting for the turning signal and nobody likes being rear-ended, especially with your big box.

Ahh, there you go. A quick and fluent movement and you slide into the right lane, behind the other person who just passed you.


Yokota Fritz said...

Turning left? I think you mean right, right?

Mikael said...

nope. the lane the cargo bike is in turns into a left turn lane a few metres on, so cyclists can turn down the street in the background.

to head straight, you have to stick to the right.

Yokota Fritz said...

Oh, you have multiple *bike* lanes. Of course! *smack forehead*