01 April 2009

A Slow Bicycle Race - Copenhagenize vs Amsterdamize

Slow Bicycle Race - Copenhagenize vs Amsterdamize from Colville Andersen on Vimeo.

My mate Marc, from Amsterdamize.com, visited Copenhagen late last year and apart from riding about and seeing the city, I challenged him to the World's First Copenhagen Invitational Slow Bicycle Race at the Slowodrome on the Harbour.

We have a good laugh.

Slow Bicycle races are nothing new. They've been around since the bicycle was invented and featured prominently at country fairs around Denmark and Europe. Europe includes Britain, by the way.

Anyway, 1-0 to CPH. Here's Marc's post about the same legendary event.

And remember, there's still room for more in the Slow Bicycle Movement Facebook group.


Amsterdamize said...

This is the start of something beautiful, man, our grandchildren will thank us for it! :)

See ya in Amsterdam! *grin*

anna said...

Very cool :-). Although it's kind of cheating when you have to touch the ground so often. But I guess that can't be avoided if you go that slow..

Gaboro said...

Slow Bicycle Race... What a fascinating contest! I want to see this kind of competition on the Olympic Games. :)

Clever said...

you've both got coaster/backpedal brakes. those don't let you ride so slowly without putting a foot down constantly, which is cheating. ergo: hand brakes are the natural slow bike movement brake of choice.

Adrienne Johnson said...

I think there should have been a station where long, green water balloons where thrown at you : )

Amsterdamize said...

@clever: you're only half right, I've got both a hand and a coaster brake :)

@Adrienne: you wish! :)

@Anne: there was no cheating involved, as we agreed to include penalty points. So nice to be able to set up your own standards (even after the race had already started) *grin*

Cian said...

My god! Where on earth were your life jackets you could have fallen into the harbour! ;)

Paul Deng said...

guys, that was too fast..

Mikael said...

we are reckless individuals, cian, completely disregarding our personal safety... :-) and what about me removing my scarf!!! it was cold!!! i could have died from a lung infection!