04 May 2009

Copenhagenize.com Meets Spacing.ca

The editor of the fine Canadian magazine spacing.ca, Matthew Blackett, was in Copenhagen last week and we met up for a bicycle ride and a chat between like-minded individuals.

Spacing.ca is a magazine with focus on urban planning, liveable cities and urban development. It was voted magazine of the year in Canada, no less. You'd think that would be Curling Quarterly or Ice Hockey Mania that ran with those honours each year... :-)

It was a great hookup and the two hours flew past far too quickly. At the tail end of the visit I remembered I had a camera in my bag so we fired off this quick little video interview/chat/exchange about Matthew's impressions of Copenhagen.

Spacing.ca has two blogs - one focusing on Toronto and the other on Montreal. Check them out.


lagatta à Montréal said...

spacing.ca (and spacingmontreal.ca) - excellent on urbanism and often touches on walkability, cyclability and public transport issues. I write in to the Montréal blog fairly often, and occasionally to the Toronto one, when it touches on cycling issues. I believe a Vancouver edition is in the works.

This past weekend, spacing was promoting the Jane's Walks - a series of topical walks in city neighbourhoods, towns and villages throughout Canada, and also in the US and now other countries, centring on the liveable city ideas of the late Jane Jacobs, who was originally from the US but spent much of her life in Toronto. Ms Jacobs spearheaded successful fights to combat planned motorways through Manhattan and central Toronto (Spadina Expressway). And now there is a tramline along Spadina Avenue!

Kevin Love said...

Spacing.ca is excellent. It is one of the blogs (Copenhagenize is another) that I try to look at every day and kick in my two cents worth.

Gerry Gaffney said...

Just a quick note to mention that the two links to spacing.ca are broken (they have a leading space which needs to be deleted). Nice interview.

Mikael said...

thanks all. and thanks gerry. fixed it.