19 May 2009

Trouble in Paradise

Traffic Jam Cleaning
Not all is perfect in paradise.
There you are, perfecly happy on the bike lane and suddenly you roll up behind one of the City's bike lane street sweepers and into a mini traffic jam. Bloody hell. What to do, what to do. You can either hop up onto the pavement and overtake or you can do what most people do, just roll along behind until he pulls over to let the cyclists past before continuing. Which he does regularly.
Bike Battle
There you are, ready with your instruments to perform on the square for the passersby and a pesky 12 year old rolls up with his mum's Christiania bike and starts selling bottles of water. Although after a quick discussion, said 12 year old rolls 10 metres away and everyone is happy.


Brent said...

I notice at least one cyclist has co-opted the sidewalk as an alternate route. Is that a normal option? Is the street also an option, if a cyclist were able to navigate past the parked cars?

Mikael said...

sure, once in awhile. it's no big deal here.

Shaun McDonald said...

I wish there were sweepers for bike lanes in the UK