11 June 2009

Cities Promoting Cycling

Thanks to Eric from ecoprofile.se for the link to this advert for The City of Gothenburg, Sweden. Selling cycling. It is called 'Upptäck cykeln igen' or 'Take up cycling again'. Simple, elegant, charming. Gothenburg is a hilly city with some bicycle infrastructure and about 10% modal share for bicycles. A far cry from the pearl of Swedish bicycle culture, Malmø, with about 30% modal share but at least they're working on improving that.

And here's a safety awareness video from the City of Paris. Highlighting the important traffic etiquette for users of the Vélib bike share system and anyone else with a bike.

Add these videos to the post about the City of Geneva from a while back.


Erik Sandblom said...

Just to nitpick, Göteborg has a 10% bicycle mode share and Malmö has a 30% share.

There seem to be many good angles at promoting cycling. I think I like the Hungarian one the best, the one with the postman with the moustache. :-)

dudeonabike said...

Dug for the kids+bikes connection....also dug for the Beatles cutouts.

Anonymous said...

cool commercial for promoting cycling.
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Erik Sandblom said...

Here's som health-related cycle chic promotion. I like the picture, even though it's not a photo!

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