17 June 2009

Counting Cyclists

Counting Bicycles
I rode past the new bicycle counter - cykelbarometer - last Sunday. I blogged about it on the first day it was set up. Fun to see how the numbers grow.

Cyclist number 500,000 gets a free bike.

Contrary to how it is in many others countries, the numbers of people cycling are low on a Sunday - I went past at 18:23 and only 2884 people on bicycles had been past the counter. On a weekday it's between 10,000 and 12,000. Really a sign that the bicycle is much more of a transport tool rather than a recreational activity.

With that said, people DO go for bike rides on the weekends. Just not past the City Hall Square apparently.

In other readability:
UTNE has an interesting article about Anti-Social Car Drivers AND cyclists.


zane said...

So, speaking of bicycle counting, you often quote numbers for how many people ride a particular route in Copenhagen. Do you know how those numbers are collected? We're currently in the process of revising the bicycle master plan here in Pasadena, and one of my main issues with the process is the total lack of any data on ridership or accident frequency, and the apparent reluctance on the City's part to really collect any. They claim, as one excuse, to be unable to find anyone who has actual experience doing bicycle traffic counts (which seems incredible).

Mikael said...

hey zane.
why don't you send me an email
copenhagenize [at] gmail dot com with this query and i'll answer it for you.

Mikael said...

oh and I went to theater school in pasadena back in 87-88 and did fine on a bicycle back then. :-)

Anonymous said...

I recently got back from Copenhagen. It is incredible how many people bike there.

Horst Lemminger said...

This is nothing new. Odense has had such a thing for years.

Mikael said...

yes, yes, horst, we all know that. i've blogged about it before. but the vast majority of my readers don't live in copenhagen or odense or denmark so for most of them it IS something new.