19 June 2009

Critical Mass for Cars in Boulder, USA

Git yer pickups and yer SUVs, we is gonna block some roads so dem dang cyclists can learn a lesson. We is not gonna take this prejoodice against us anymore.

There's a cycling event in Boulder, USA in July and an anonymous flyer is being distributed encouraging motorists to disrupt the ride:

“On July 25, in celebration of driver’s rights, many cars will use the Left Hand Canyon Road, drive slowly and many may break down unexpectedly, blocking areas to the cyclists on the return leg of the ‘Sunrise Century,’” the anonymous, one-page note reads. “Many cars and safe drivers all working together can send a message to the Statehouse to restrict cycling on our roads which are our only alternatives during family emergencies, commuting and required duties.”

For the full story and how YOU can be involved with your vehicle of choice, click onward, Automotive Hero.

Thanks to Joy for the link.


Kim said...

I though motorist did this on a daily basis, it even has a name, Rush Hour...

Anonymous said...

This is doubly stupid, because you can't really block a cyclist's way. Even if the road was clogged with cars to the point that a cyclist couldn't ride through or around, the rider can simply dismount, shoulder their bike, and hop over the cars.

Anonymous said...

god forbid someone should get injured or killed because of this stupidity. i am so sick of fighting between cars and bikes, reading this made me feel my heart is on fire. instead of fanning the flames of conflict, i wish that everyone just be considerate of each other, cyclists and drivers alike, and we all get where we're going safely. why is that so hard?

Anonymous said...

what a bunch of idiots.

big time FAIL.

Anonymous said...

honestly, i love this blog, but again you don't ride in north america enough to comprehend the frustration of motorists vs. cyclists.

as a daily bike commuter, i can say that i constantly see both bicycle road riders (the demonized spandex clad non commuters you have placed in the "non-chic" category) and bicyclist commuters doing things to antagonize motorists. running red lights, weaving in and out of traffic, going the wrong way, etc. all on roads that are sketchy enough to ride on a bike. most of the time, this cyclist behavior has no justification.

until the infrastructure for bicyclists get better, the driver frustrations aren't going to go away... justified or not. but we as cyclists always lose! these motorists are indeed idiots, but it's not like we cyclists, who are rightly fed up with being treated like second class citizens, aren't antagonizing the motorists as retaliation creating a downward spiral. much north american media coverage about this last summer when gas prices bubbled.

as an example, which may be relevant to this link you posted, we have narrow canyon roads (i don't live in colorado) and people are constantly recreational riding 2-3 deep. when you come upon them at 45mph (the speed limit)around a blind curve and you have no way to pass safely if the road is busy and have to slow down to their speed of 10mph max in a this steep canyon when the are climbing. it's completely inappropriate. then, they (people in my tribe) get all self righteous and pissy when you ask them to ride single file. as a biker, i somewhat have patience for this, but for those who don't experience the terror of being buzzed by a motorist on a bicycle, it's harder to understand. after all, what motorist wants to nail a cyclist? that's pretty much a losing scenario for everyone.

posting this story without acknowledging the antagonism between both groups (cars AND bikes) is somewhat irresponsible for such an esteemed blog that has worldwide readership. it's inherently important for cyclists to maintain the high road at all time while we struggle to gain the infrastructure and legitimacy (and respect) for safer travel.

i'm not saying roll over and play dead, i live in a state w/a 3 foot rule and have had plenty of friends seriously injured in car/bike accidents and some pretty serious close calls myself (where i'll yell or whatever and fall off the high road...) but possibly exploring the perspective of those idiot motorists will help us keep the high road world wide.

come over here and do some of the rides. although, your dutch bike probably would be too heavy to climb the canyon roads and you might want to don some ball hugging spandex for functionality. fashiony jeans don't do well on the longer climbs here! ;)

slightly incoherent rant over.