26 June 2009

Keep on Counting

Counting Bicycles
Another new counter that the City of Copenhagen has put up, this time on the nation's busiest bicycle street, Nørrebrogade.

Indeed, it is said to be the busiest bicycle street in the Western world, with it's 30,000-35,000 cyclists each day.

At time of snapping there have been almost 160,000 cyclists riding past on this side of the street so the counter must have been up for a few days.

While there have been counters up in Odense and Frederiksberg, here in Copenhagen it is a lot more fun seeing the massive numbers of cyclists being registered.

While I was sitting on a bench nearby, waiting for a friend, everyone walking past in pairs stopped up and said "wow... that's amazing...". And these are Copenhageners. We just ride, we don't really realise how amazing it is that we do it in such great numbers, all year round.


KrisR said...

Makes the ~240 / hr down my street during peak usage seem so small...

Amsterdamize said...

"Indeed, it is said to be the busiest bicycle street in the Western world, with it's 30,000-35,000 cyclists each day."

I can come up with plenty of streets which are at least as busy, and not just in Amsterdam, imho.

Who says so? I like to know, dammit! This propaganda campaign has got to stop!


Mikael said...

from what i understand from some Amsterdam traffic planners as well as a guest from your fietsberaad, the busiest street in Amsterdam features about 20,000 a day.

this is merely because of the layout of the city, nothing more. the city of copenhagen has checked around, after hearing these comments and can't find any other street with so many on one stretch.

William said...

A friend of mine is a traffic-counter - he's paid to count users of the metro, cars on select streets, and he's also been counting cyclists on Nørrebrogade.

The statistic is not just pulled out of someone's ass, or calculated on a average-mean-basis.

Mikael said...

Although I'm sure you can get some sort of medicinal creme if you DO have statistics in your ass. :-)

ianworthy said...

seems to be a bit of a pointless bit of street furniture/clutter. Who needs to count the cyclists in such a exhibitionist way?

Melbourne Cyclist said...

I don't think it's useless clutter - counting cyclists is great as far as I'm concerned, because it highlights just how many of them there are. Here in Melbourne, requests for additional infrastructure (such as a safe west to east route through the main city) are frequently met with comments along the lines of "politically it's not going to happen". Which translates as "there are not enough cyclists for your vote to be worth courting" - this attitude could be nicely changed with proof that actually there's lots of cyclists, aka votes on bikes, out there - counters like this would give that proof, as well as raising people's awareness of the existence of cyclists (thus normalising us, and hopefully meaning they'll notice and not run us over).

In Copenhagen, it's obviously not necessary for that reason, but it's still kinda cool - good thing for tourists to see / tourist campaigns to use if nothing else!

amigosito said...

I love it! Thanks for posting!

amsterdamize said...

alright, good enough :)

Mikael said...

the goal is to instill pride in the people who cycle in copenhagen.

we aren't aware of the fact that we're something special. we just cycle because it's been made easy and quick for us by separated infrastructure.

copenhageners love it. they don't know that they are one of 30,000 cyclists a day on this stretch and most are amazed to learn this fact.

that makes them/us realise that what we do is something special.

plus, all the data is instantly transmitted to the city so that statistics can be tracked and recorded.

not useless at all. rather important, really. for us, anyway.