18 June 2009

Space Management and Mini Mobility

Space Management
Always amazed me to think how little space people transporting themselves by bicycle take up. Four people AND a baritone horn.

If they were all in each their car I'd need a wide angle lens.

Urban Mobility
Here's another great example of the bicycle serving a fine mobility purpose for a Copenhagener.


BG said...

I think it's a baritone horn (euphonium), not a French horn -- more impressive, actually, because larger.

Mikael said...

you can see it better here.

would you mind double-checking and letting me know? then I'll correct the text. thanks.

Anonymous said...

Ja, den er ikke et Fransk horn. Jeg spiller Fransk horn in gymnasiet og den er ikke et Fransk horn.

Okay, so now I've proved that my danish is about the level of a 3-year old. But, yes: that's not a French horn, which is round. The bell of a French horn points downward: a baritone horn is more rectangular in body shape and the bell points up. IMO, that is a baritone horn as BG suggested.

Farvel! Jytte's dreng.