04 June 2009

Tokyo Law Enforcement

Tokyo Policeman
The police in Tokyo are equipped with these fine white bicycles. You'll see them lined up ever so orderly outside police stations. I never did figure out what was in the boxes on the back rack. First aid kit, perhaps?

I like their style. There's no doubt they are law enforcement officers but a crisp, white shirt and a tie makes them appear not only stylish but accessible. I prefer seeing policemen and women who look like they are part of the society they are trained to served and protect instead of alienating themselves with strange costumes and man-made fibres.

Like the new Copenhagen bicycle police unit.


le homme au velo said...

They are like the Police we had back pre 1960 in Dublin especially down the Country Areas.

They would be Equipped with their Bicycle Clips so their Trousers would not get in the way in spite of having Chain Guards on their Bikes,and they would all be extremely Tall.Unlike Today ,a lot of them are not very Tall anymore.

Latterly in the Last few Years they have Reintroduced a Bicycle Unit in the Gardai,but they use HIgh Tec Mountain Bikes, Helmets,HI VIZ Vests, Bike Gloves,Bike Shoes and Sunglasses.

I would prefer them to be like the Tokyo Version, very understated and Relaxed instead of the Sportive Version.

anna said...

I heard that we also have some policemen on bikes, but I've never ever seen one. Well, the Japanese ones are quite stylish. We should get them too ;-).