22 July 2009

Bicycles and Copenhagen Beaches

Beach Bicycle Parking
If there's one place that bicycles congregate apart from outside train stations, it's the beaches of Copenhagen. Last year I posted about how the 5000 bicycle racks at one of the main beaches in the city - Amager Strand Park - are hardly adequate for the mammoth number of Copenhageners who take to the beach by bike on hot summer days.

Here's a little photo reportage from a couple of weeks back. It's quite telling that while approaching the beach with my boy I heard many people remark about the number of bicycles. "Look at all the bicycles!" "I can't believe how many bicycles there are!"

These comments are from hard to impress Copenhageners who are used to seeing armadas of bikes each day. I even am amazed every time.
Beach Bicycle Parking
The racks are filled up quickly on a day like this, with the temperature over 30 degrees. There are three bridges over a lagoon to the main beach and at each one there are clusters of bike racks like in the photo above. This beach is the closest to the city centre. A 10-15 minute bike ride from the City Hall Square, so it gets the most visitors. There are many other beaches around the city, though.
Beach Bicycle Parking
When the racks get filled up, unofficial 'overflow parking' takes over.
Beach Bicycle Parking
Most of the bikes are placed along the winding path along the stretch of the beach.
Beach Bicycle Parking
Here's the pathway. The pace is casual and calm. There's no hurry when you're at the beach.
Beach Bicycle Parking
Many people just want to get as close to the water as possible.
The array of bicycle types is a feast for the eyes. Every type imaginable is present.
And when arriving sustainably, you get a sustainable view. Looking out at the world's first offshore wind turbine park. 27 wind turbines on the outer harbour provide the city with 3-4% of her energy needs. So aesthetic to look at, in my opinion.


Amsterdamize said...

You Danes are mad, just plain mad, I tell ya! :-p

Brendan61 said...

I love beach photos!

John in NH said...

look at those ugly bikes and what is that! wind turbines! ugly!!!! you all clearly do not know beauty when you see it ;)

seriously, only numbers I can dream of, for normal commuters, take your bike to the beach O.o unheardof!


Melbourne Cyclist said...

Right, sod it, I'm moving to Copenhagen, that all looks fantastic! Any volunteers to teach me the language? (I'm a quick learner, honest)

Nearly got totalled this morning by a car who decided that staying behind me as our lane merged into the one next to us was far too boring (there was a red traffic light twenty feet ahead to get to, much more fun!) - chilling out at the beach sounds perfect right now. Plus it's winter down here - it'll be a good few months before we hit the delights of thirty degrees again...

Losbutilio said...

That's incredible. It's the ideal life for a green planet...
Basque country ciclist.

Freth :-p said...

I can already speak Danish ... what do I need to do to get a job and a place to live? ... willing to bring my own bicycle with me.

Hva' er sommer dejligt !

Ottawa bike guy said...

Funny how some people complain about the look of wind turbines. I guess they think miles and miles of hydro transmission wires are gorgeous. I look forward to hitting some Danish beaches next year.