14 July 2009

Copenhagen Bike Life [While Copenhagenize is on Holiday]

Bikes Allowed
Copenhagen Transport.


PAGBA said...

Can someone explain me wich kind of transport is this? Underground? Train?

Greetings from Portugal

Peter said...

It's the S-train, the suburban rail network that connects Copenhagen with surrounding areas.



Vladimir Chen said...

PAGBA, no it's called S-train in Denmark. There are only in the Greater Copenhagen area (Zealand). Basically, they are mostly on the ground .. but in some places they are underground. But this is not underground. It sort of in between train and metro. S-trains are red, Buses are yellow and Metro in Copenhagen is white. Julie talks a little bit about public transportation including S-trains in this episode here http://www.mydenmarktv.com/2009/06/10/episode-2-the-transportation-system-in-denmark-the-danish-language-studying-resource-and-4-more-fun-placesactivities-when-being-in-copenhagen/

Hope it helped a little bit.

Oh, there is also more information on Wiki http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rail_transport_in_Denmark ... Check it out.

Cheers ;)

Kim said...

Wow what a great way to find the bike compartment, I wish they would do that on Scottish trains.

BadBeard said...

Here here Kim! I had to buy a folding bike just to avoid the Scotrail madness!

Boy am I jealous of all you CPHers!

BadBeard said...

Apologies for all that exclamation there...