17 July 2009

Copenhagen Bike Life [While Copenhagenize is on Holiday]

Bicycles Excepted
Copenhagen Signage. One Way Street - Bicycles Excepted.


Emar Tino said...

Visiting Europe 5 years ago I was shocked at how much tag graffiti there was. Sad, as I don't recall it seeing any in the 1990s.

Anonymous said...

how does this work, exactly? do bikes going in opposite direction of traffic just stay to the right or what? or are there separate bike lanes on the outside in both directions, with one-way car traffic in the middle?

Mikael said...

depends on the street. if there's not a lot of traffic, it's shared space.

if it's busy, then there are usually bike lanes on each side.

zmau said...

Mikael, can you please publish some details about streets with contraflow bicycle lanes (divided at least by a line from rest of the road)?
I want to try to install such a thing in my hometown, so I would like to show some examples to town officers (who probably have never seen such a thing and maybe don't believe it can exist). I would appreciate if you show us some images of intersections at start and end of such lanes, featuring vertical and horizontal traffic signalization.
If there is also some material written by Danish traffic engineers regarding this issue, that would be wonderful.
Thanks in advance.