28 July 2009

Retro 'Safety' and Clean Hubs

Retro Safety
It's been ages since I've seen one of these. They are sooo 80's and frightfully retro. A friend of mine and I laughed when we saw it down at Baisikeli. It was like finding an old Duran Duran fan magazine and giggling at the hairdos and clothes.

It flips out from your back rack in order to remind cars that they should keep their distance. And you flip it back in when you park it. A little reflector lights up the known universe so you're 'seen'.

Automatic Hub Cleaner
Another retro feature is this hub cleaner thingy. You just put it there and it keeps your hub clear of grease and dirt. Unlike the flip-outy thingy above, you can actually still find these and it's not unusual to see them on bikes around Copenhagen.


Anonymous said...

I've been looking for one of those horizontal bike 'flag'/reflectors here in the States for ages. I've only seen them living in Europe and, retro or not, I think they are a brilliant idea! I'll be living in France next year so I hope to find one there, but I wish some enterprising American would start producing these in the US.

Melbourne Cyclist said...

Seconded - I'd buy one of those reflector flag thingies. Especially if I could fit an actual light to it, rather than just a reflector. And if it gave people a retro giggle too, that'd be a bonus - besides, retro is cool now :-)

le homme au velo said...

I have seen a few People with these over the Years in Ireland. They were mostly Americans who were using them complete with Helmets and only once in awhile would you come across an Irish Person with them.

You can occasionally get them in the Cycling Shops but they do not always stock them as it is not a Popular item as well as Mirrors for the Handlebars.

I can Sympathise with People using them as in Dublin it can be Dangerous at Rush Hour. A lot of our Cycle Lanes are very narrow some only a little over 1/2 Metre or 2 Feet and the Traffic sometimes drives on the Cycle Lanes. The worse Abusers are the Buses,they can suddenly pull into a Bus stop and you can Run into the back of them if not careful.

Adrienne Johnson said...

As someone who has very recently been passed by a car with less than a foot of clearance, I want one of those arms. Preferably with a sharp point that would cause paint damage to any car that came too close to it.

Mikael said...

Ade: I've thought about that one. Taping on sharp nails in a star pattern around the round end of the flag. :-)

Niall said...

When i was a kid cycling everywhere, my parents made me put one of those on my bike, (and wear a hi vis strip).
As soon as i was out of sight of home, the reflector was pushed back in and the hi vis strip came off.

I hated that thing.

My wife is now nagging me to put on a helmet.
I feel the same way!!

anna said...

Great! Remember these reflectors. At the time I was quite sad that I didn't own one of them.

spiderleggreen said...

how about some nasty substance that mars any vehicle that touches it? Perhaps a certain color of paint that all cyclists would recognize, which would identify that car as a bike threat... Getting sadistic.

Bruno said...

I see these things quite often around birmingham. Surely there must be available somewhere on-line.

I found this http://www.londoncyclist.co.uk/humour/the-arm-against-harm-an-innovative-idea-to-protect-those-cycling-in-london/
which should be put into production.

tinarama said...

@Adrienne – I made my own horizontal flag/reflector (similar to this one) after a close call last spring, and it works great, though I didn't use it for long because I was afraid drivers would interpret it as a sign of aggression and go out of their way to harass me. Bay Area drivers are so touchy! I'd be happy to send pics/instrux if you're feeling crafty.

tinarama said...

Also: I just found this!
It's a flag, not a reflector. But looks like it could work.

Adrienne Johnson said...

Thanks, tinarama! This is what I like about the bicycle community- there is always someone with information : )