20 August 2009

The Art of Walking Bicycles

This amused me muchly. A guest opinion on Oregon Live.

...the People's Republic of Portland has gone head over heels beyond the pale and plunged mightily over the cliff of self-awareness this summer. I'm talking about the newest local outdoor must-have fashion accessory: the walked bicycle.

I have no opinion on the subject matter... it's just funny and well written. Okay... well... one opinion. He is taking the piss and doing it well, but he really should visit Copenhagen. When the bicycle is demystified and becomes a common feature on the urban landscape, walking them about is second nature.

Read it all right here.

Thanks to Erik... a Swede a couple of hundred km from here, for the link to this story taking place 8000 km from here... :-)


Frits B said...

The bike is like the models' clothes: a few sizes too small for normal people.

melancholic optimist said...
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portlandize.com said...

Also, apparently "cyclist was riding a fixed gear bicycle" is becoming the new "cyclist was not wearing a helmet" for media coverage in Portland these days :) So we know that all those hip fixies are getting some use around town :)

Adrienne Johnson said...

Here is some bike walking for you

lagatta à montréal said...

The bike would be fine for me, but I am several cm shorter than that model. It looks far too small a frame size for her.