17 August 2009

Bicycle v Bus in Brisbane

Thanks to Su Yin in NZ for this link to a chap in Brisbane who calculated time and effort in getting to work by bicycle and by bus and created a cartoon to show the results.

At the end of the page there is a link to his data tables, too.

Brilliant stuff.


Kim said...

Thanks! That cheered me up on a dreach Monday morning...

anna said...

Lovely idea. I think that's also the way people want to read about things. No preachy and dry stuff, but some fun and a good feeling about things.

portlandize.com said...

:) That's exactly what I've found riding in Portland as well. I think another important factor in the whole bit is consistency - when I used to ride the bus, it could take anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour depending on traffic, whereas my bike ride is almost exactly the same amount of time every day.

Even on very hot days (40 C), riding a bike and getting some breeze is more enjoyable than sitting on a hot bus stuck in traffic, believe me!

And those great moments when you get to just fly past lines of cars and buses that are essentially parked in the traffic lanes... ahhh. :)

Green Idea Factory said...

"Hot buses"? Especially these longer distances suburban buses tend to have air conditioning.

No discounts for round trips? Yearly or even quarterly passes? Missed reading time? Meeting people on the bus?

What if the bus was fare-free?

There's just so much missing here that it is practically useless.

lagatta à montréal said...

Interesting. Though I don't know how anyone could cycle wearing a bloody helmet in Brisbane.

Melbourne Cyclist said...

Cute, I like it!

When people in the lift at work see me with my bike gear (pannier, gloves, reflective jacket as I'm riding at dusk/night at the moment, with few separated bike lanes), they always comment, and I shrug, tell them it's usually quicker than the tram (especially once you factor in waiting time), then give them a broad grin and say that I like having a guaranteed seat - always gets a laugh and smile back, as our peak hour trains/trams are mostly standing room only :-)

Green Idea Factory - I don't know about Brisbane, but in Melbourne some of the trams/buses are air conditioned, but not all. I believe all the trains are. But once you pack the full capacity of people into the vehicle, especially on a 35-40C day, you don't feel like there's any air con at all - you're hot! Looking at my trips, I buy discount tickets, meaning a day when I use the tram to and from work is $5.40 (ish). When I bike though, it's essentially no cost - I have the bike serviced yearly anyway, that I see as a flat ownership cost, of around a hundred bucks. So, saving of $5.40 per day. Annual tickets are cheaper of course, at around $1,200 a year, but I spend less than that on bike service + odd tickets + taxis. And I can't read on the tram most of the time - I don't have space/co-ordination to open a book and hold myself upright!

I'm sure this wasn't meant to be a full statistical analysis weighing all the pros and cons though - it's a cute cartoon, which made me smile :-)

Cam said...

Great to read. I take a similar trip from the hilly inner-western suburbs and sympathise about the gutbusting hills.

The numbers work. The trip takes 21 minutes by bike compared to a 35 minute public transport trip including transferring in the city.

Biking is a great level and speed to see the city from.

Pierre Phaneuf said...

I like it when you can mix and match, so you can just use whatever is most convenient for a particular trip. I liked how accessible to bikes the S-train was in CPH (although I don't know if they have rules like for the metro here, where bikes are disallowed during rush hour?), so I'd totally see myself ride a bit on the S-train, get off and bike the rest.

Here in Montreal, I'll combine with the metro, or walk some morning where I have to go very far in rush hour (sometimes taking a Bixi bike hire for the last bit to my destination), or some other combinations.

Heck, I say use your car if it's the best mean, it's just that in the city, it so rarely is, I don't even care to own one.

Mikael said...

the s-train has no restrictions. the metro does - no bicycles during rush hour - but it's not a problem since the metro goes everywhere you would go by bike anyway.

Oldfool said...

Yes. you're right it is brilliant. I'm off now to read his other cartoons.

Anonymous said...

It reminds me of how much I like comics and how much I like bikes.

I'm an ex-Brisbanite, and I gave up on Brisbane due to the traffic.

I miss the birdlife though. Except for maybe the magpies drawing blood when cycling along the Kedron Brook.

Melbourne Cyclist said...

Oh, the magpies! They're evil!!!

In the UK, a magpie is a medium sized glossy black & white bird (large patches of white, the black shimmers blue/green at times) that really likes shiny objects, from mirrors to foil. In Australia, a magpie is a pretty large black & white bird (smaller bits of white) that is ridiculously territorial, particularly in mating season, and loves attacking cyclists - they're the reason many bike helmets here have eyes painted on the back (they're a bit dumb too). So I guess there's a case when bike helmets do reduce injuries!