23 August 2009

Checking Out the Competition

Marc, from Amsterdamize, and I both got a kick out of this.

He picked up this on his stats for his website. A visitor to Amsterdamize who arrived via Copenhagenize's post about the World's Most Bicycle-Friendly Cities.

Let's hope they're worried as shit because their time is running out.


kfg said...

My primary vehicle gets about 12 kpLPA (Locally Produced Apple), or about the same p30gLPC (Locally Produced Cheese); what's to worry?

Oh, wait. . .

Anonymous said...

Time running out on...?

Were you planning on converting the world's cars and trucks to bicycles?

Ted said...

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Adrienne Johnson said...

Perhaps they should start making chain lube. There is a pretty good market in that, growing around the world.

Mikael said...

fair enough, anon. i never say we need to get rid of cars and other vehicles.

i suppose i should have written that the time on their monopoly is running out, what with the massive focus on sustainable fuels and energy.