20 August 2009

Happy Campers

Thanks to one of our readers, we've made the acquaintance of this Camper Bicycle. It's the work of the artist Kevin Cyr.

"Camper Bike, a functioning sculptural piece, built in April 2008. A stand alone piece and the subject of a series of paintings."

Brilliant stuff. And why not? After I read about it I figured I'd google 'camper bike' to see if anything else was out there apart from an artist's sculptural piece. I shouldn't have done it... here goes:

The Campercycle.

Arcturus Campercycle Project

Bicycle Camper.

The Bikamper.

Bike Bed
Or we can go old school with a classic European delivery bike. When I was visiting Amsterdam back in May, I needed a nap after riding around with Marc from Amsterdamize [hungover - had to teach him a Danish drinking lesson] so what better than Henry's big delivery bicycle outside of his Workcycles Shop. Wouldn't take much to slap a cover over the top or even just pitch a tent right on the cargo bay.

These big-arse cargo bikes were a main feature on the streets of Copenhagen and Amsterdam in the first half of the last century. Back when bicycle messengers were men. :-)


anna said...

Oh wow, that's just brilliant!

BG said...

cf. Fellini's _La Strada_. Motorcycle. But still.

spiderleggreen said...

Maybe we could get some of all those retiree's, who roam our countryside in their RV's to trade them in for one of these?

Xtiand said...

Reminds me of the Toppola camper that you used to be able to buy for the Saab 900.

henryinamsterdam said...

That first Camper Bike is just awesome, though it unfortunately renders a back-burner project of ours pointless. We were planning an ironic camper bakfiets but it never could have been as cool as this one anyway.

Thanks for the plug too. Note that if you sleep on your back you'll have to be less than 185cm tall to nap in our bakfiets... unless you do it diagonally. ;-)

Michael Knight said...

this is indeed a very cool idea and we are seriously developing something along this line. Be sure to check out our web site at:

We have two bicycle mini camper designs in the works and we are currently working on trying to raise funds through our IndieGoGo campaign to make the first prototype. Help us out and we can make this dream a reality: