06 August 2009

Nothing Toulouse Everything to Gain

When I was at VeloCity 2009 in Brussels, I had lovely chat with a chap named Patrick Carde. He figured what with my work on Cycle Chic that I'd appreciate a photo book featuring the cyclists of the French city of Toulouse. He was right. The title is À Vélo Citoyens! [On Your Bicycles, Citizens!]

It's a brilliant work of social documentary, photographed by Francois Canard, and a simple concept. Portraits of all the different cyclists in the city. Toulouse, like many French cities are the unsung heroes of Bicycle Culture 2.0. There is massive interest in France for improving the quality of life in the cities and much of the focus is increasing the number of trips by bike.

The organisation Villes Cyclables [Cyclable Cities] features almost 1000 French towns and cities who inspire each other and share knowledge about improving cycling facilities. Very impressive.

Every kind of cyclist is featured. Kids, Cycle Chicistas, dirt bikers, businessmen, hobby cyclists, cargo bikes, you name it.

You can see more photos from the book at the website: Velocitoyen.org.

And thanks to Patrick for the book and the inspiration.


Kevin said...

Just a word of explanation for those who are not French.

"À Vélo Citoyens!" alludes to "Aux Armes Citoyens" from the refrain to La Marseillaise, the French national anthem.

txell said...

in spain we've created a kind of "club des villes et territoires cyclables" called "red de ciudades por la bicicleta" with the same aim of the french version. like that we try to share our knowledge in relation with the bike culture and promote its use among the different spanish cities. i hope that some day riding in spain will be as easy and popular than in france!

Bob said...

Nice stuff. Thanks!

Martin said...

Lucky Toulouse! Or should I say, Smart Toulouse!

lagatta à montréal said...

Yes, I love this blog. Think it is on our lemab.ca site.

"A vélo citoyens!

Formez vos bataillons!

Pour que l'air impur

N'abreuve plus nos vallons!"