29 August 2009

Trumpets on Bicycles

After the Danish bicycle battallion post, a mate of mine in England sent me this. Trompetterkorps Bereden Wapens from Holland. Which also wraps up, in style, the post about playing instruments on bicycles.


Anonymous said...

Here's a video with the Les KRAPÔs playing at a Criticalmass in Vienna. The beginning of the video is a little bit "slow", the Criticalmass starts moving at around 1:40.

Anonymous said...

Of course I forgot to include the link :) - here it is: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qM3l6P1sYqg

Joao Lacerda said...

In Rio we have the Orquestra Cyclophonica. Always playing in bikes!


Adrienne Johnson said...

this one is awful cute!

Kevin Love said...

Take a look at the second photo at:


Troops of the North Nova Scotian Highlanders and the Highland Light Infantry of Canada going ashore from LCI (L) 299 [Landing Craft Infantry], Bernières-sur-mer, Normandy, France, 6 June 1944.

Yes, those are bicycles being taken ashore on D-day. I searched unsuccessfully for a similar photo of my old Militia regiment, The Royal Regiment of Canada, which landed on Juno Beach the next day.

Aushiker said...


That was neat, sort of cute :) Thanks for sharing. I posted it in the Australian Cycling Forums so hopefully it attracts some further interest downunder.


Mikael said...

thanks for the links.
kevin... yours doesn't work though!

Kevin Love said...

Oh dear. Our wonderful government took down the photo gallery from their website.

The photo was partially reused here:


One can just barely see the bicycles being taken ashore on D-Day.