19 September 2009

Cities Learning From Burning Man

An interesting little video from Time Magazine with 5 things cities can learn from the Burning Man festival.


Bob said...

Wow! Thanks for posting this.

Kelsey said...

Except the Bureau of Land Management has to come in after to clean up the trash left behind. And people dump all their trash in Reno on the way out, many of them in such a hurry to leave that they don't even dispose of it properly. So I think Burning Man needs to reexamine some of their practices and "values".

Justin C. Houk said...

Great Story. I have heard that the event organizers go to superhuman lengths to minimize the impacts on the surrounding wilderness and community. I'm sure that the garbage dumping in reno is more than offset by the massive influx of dollars by people buying supplies, eating, and playing.

Anonymous said...

In his list of five thoughts to live by in Burning man town, the guru left out the most important from what I saw.

Be strangely compelling. Again and again on the clip I saw images which you'd have to describe that way.

To strive to be strangely compelling, is a royal goal.

I was reminded of the closing evening of the Woodford festival some years ago where a huge skeletal danced his own fiery death, while a burning man still untouched, loomed behind , waiting his turn.

I'll be back with the URL for that night in a sec. Mike rubbo

Anonymous said...

Here's a URL worth looking at if you like Burning man events.

This is a music community, 40,000 people who come together for music at Woodford, Queensland, over new years.

The cluster of days, always ends with a night of fire and music, created by the guests at the festival themselves.

You'll have to wait a couple of minutes to get to the burning elements. But there's much which strangely compelling to see on the way, starting with fire kindled from friction . Mike Rubbo