17 September 2009

Czech Zero Carbon Taxis

Pushing Taxis
Imagine my surprise at Prague Airport when, while waiting outside to be picked up, I saw a taxi driver in the line of taxis pushing his car forward to the front of the line.

Imagine my further surprise when all the taxi drivers in the long line followed suit. How completely bizarre and how completely cool.

I wonder if there are similar laws in Czech Republic as in Denmark about having to turn off your engine if you're motionless for for than two minutes. Whatever the case, it was brilliant to see all these men pushing their big, fancy, late model Volkswagons.

I was lecturing about Marketing Bicycle Culture in the city of Pardubice yesterday and am currently in Prague. More on the state of the bicycle union in the two cities later.


lavardera said...

will there be a video of your talk posted online?

l' homme au velo said...

In Dublin Way back in 1970 during the Oil Crisis People were doing that at Garages waiting at Queues for Rationed Petrol at the Pumps ,pushing their Cars to Conserve Fuel.

Some Years ago they were doing the same thing during another Crisis.

Nowadays some Taximen in Dublin do it to Conserve Fuel while waiting at the Taxi Ranks for Fairs. Because of a lot more Taxi's on the Road they are not making as much Money anymore before the Days of Deregulation and less Taxi's.

They do not like the Pedal Taxi's that are free to use around the City Centre in O'Connell St and St Stephens Green they Hate them as it is less Business for them.

spiderleggreen said...

I was hoping you'd be saying they were driving electric cars, but I would still like to smell less of the cabs by the airport.

l'homme~ Tell them if you can't beat em, join em, start peddling.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps a better title is "Czech Zero Carbon Queueing" - otherwise I'm so happy to see this! This is *a model of success,* and a reflection of good Czech pragmatism. Something we can all learn from.

Anonymous said...

Boy, did anyone notice that the trunk (boot) door of his car could easily come crashing down as the car lurches forward? So where's his car-pushing helmet?

jus' wonderin'


Iñaki said...

Is this blog entry serious?
They push the taxi because they save fuel, hence, money!!!
It is an extremely popular way of qeuing on most countries bar Benelux and Scandinavia.

It is not a Zero Carbon Taxi. It is a "save as much money as you can" taxi model.

Mikael said...

the irony escaped you? :-)