14 September 2009

Dublin Bike Share Programme Kicks Off

Go Dublin.

The new bike share programme in Dublin kicked off yesterday on a lovely sunny day. Dublinbikes is the name.

The Irish Times reports that; "Hundreds took advantage of the good weather to try out the 450 bikes now available to rent from 40 stations between the Royal and the Grand canals.

"Cyclists can register online for annual membership using a credit card at a cost of €10 or can pay with a credit card at 14 of the stations for a three-day €2 ticket.

"Rental is then free for half an hour and costs 50 cent for the first hour, rising to €6.50 for four hours. The bikes are available from 5.30am to 12.30am."

Interestingly, the first sentence of the article reads like this:

"There is little evidence to prove the benefits of wearing a helmet while cycling, the councillor who initiated the capital’s new bike rental scheme has said.

After the launch of Dublinbikes yesterday morning, Labour councillor Andrew Montague said it was not essential that those hiring bikes in the capital wear safety helmets.

“We don’t have compulsory helmets in Dublin and I would not be overly concerned about cycling without a helmet,” he said."

Goodness me. A politician who is promoting cycling positively?! Let me buy that man a beer.

The Irish Times reports on it in this article.


l' homme au velo said...

On the Dublin Cycling Campaign Site it Quoted someone on an Irish Times Article a few Days ago which said the opposite about Helmets and this New Bike Sharing Programme. It said as a Tip to use Helmets while using the Bikes.

So this Riposte from this Councillor is Timely. Someone is using their Head for once in not Promoting these Helmets and giving in to the Helmet Manufacturers Propaganda.
They are nice looking Bikes ,I seen two of them Yesterday at the Pavillions Shopping Centre in Dun Leary.
Dublin City Council is Putting in a Dedicated Cycle Path Next Year from Rathmines along the Grand Canal then across the New Sam Beckett Bridge on the Liffey to Fairview ,a distance of 7k. It is a start hopefully of better things to come.

2whls3spds said...

Beer my ass. I will buy the man a fifth of Ireland's finest! That has to be the first politician I have ever heard speaking something sensible. Ever!


Klaus Mohn said...

Vélib', which is operated by JCDecaux like Dublinbikes, has leaflets lightly recommending helmet use. Glad to see some Dublin politicians are being more rational about this. The world needs all the bike-positive commotion it can get.
While I'm here, let me flag this sad, sad article in the New York Times about driving kids everywhere.

Kim said...

It good to see another such project up and running, but is sad to see that safety advice on the dublinbikes website suggests "We recommend that you wear a cycling helmet and high visibility clothing." Why don't they just tell us we should be walking instead, no wait that would be safe either, better drive then...

Kevin (Dublin) said...

Dublin is not exactly safe for cycling. Our road/streets give much higher priority and space to motorised transport than bicycles.

Today there was another fatality as a result of this - from todays Irish Times. I have visited Denmark in the recent past and even back then Ireland was decades behind in terms of cycling facilities. Our love and over use of the car has left the bicycle to be seen as something for the eccentric, poor and mad.

Let's hope this new scheme, limited as it might be, will do something positive for cycling culture in Dublin.

Shane said...

Now if only JCDecaux would stop trying to kill off any innovation around dublinbikes, they might actually be usable for mobile users.

The station near my apartment is generally full in the morning and evening, and empty during the day. The iPhone application by Fusio, which JCDecaux threatened with litigation if they didn't remove it, was of great help in finding a bike or parking space.

Luckily other sites like dublinbiker.com and dublinbikes2go.com provide a similar service to users of dublinbikes, but sites such as these are just as likely to be threatened by JCDecaux.