28 September 2009

Philadelphia Bike Lanes

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I'm wondering if Philadelphia is the unsung heroic city of the American bike scene. I hear a lot of good things. This video covers the opening of a crosstown bicycle lane.

Apparently one motorist thinks it'll be harder to drive down the street. He might actually have to pay attention now. Shock horror.

And Mayor Nutter... that name must get a giggle when and if he travels to England... is my new Cycle Chic hero. You don't need lycra, he says. Listen to the commentator... "He wore a SUIT... in a light drizzle!" As though he was leaping out of an airplane without a parachute. :-)

But this is good press for a change. Go Philly. Thanks to Jeff from LAB for the link.

If the embed doesn't work here's the link.


dyrlægen said...

mayor nutter? seriously??
how funny.

Ryan said...

Philly has really surprised me the past two weeks.
I would never have thought Philadelphia would do anything for bikes. My image of the city has really changed.
And kudos to Mayor Nutter for biking in a suit and saying you don't need lycra!

Here's an article from a Canadian magazine on biking in Philly:


There was another article (which I can't find now) that indicated they would like to emulate Montréal with regards to biking.

lavardera said...

Hooray for Philadelphia, and here is hoping it marks a change for cities in the US.

Anonymous said...

The tone of the report is really strange - like some 1950s Pathe report on the Extraordinary Natives of Darkest New Guinea using cowrie shells as currency - "They will even sell a hog for a shell necklace!"

Is the script a conscious attempt to portray "bi-cy-ci-ling" as an intrusion by kooks on regular folks, or has cycling already become such an exotic phenomenon in the US as this makes it sound?
- WeeE

Just a cyclist said...

Gotta like Mayor Nutters stance on lycra... he laughs heartily at the question whether he wouldn't need it after all.

Klaus Mohn said...

Mayor Nutter is made of awesome.

Trolly said...

'Cause we all know: it's all about the Lycra.

John said...

Perhaps our nickname should be "Copentroit". Like other leading American bicycling cities, bike traffic has doubled here since 2005.

According to the 2008 US Census data (American Community Survey)
Philadelphia has the largest bicycle commute mode share out of the top 10 cities in the US.


Moderator said...

Awesome! Go Mayor Nnutter.

Gamblers said...

San Francisco has converted Market St. (heart of financial district) one way for automobiles. Allowing bicycles, emergency vehicles and delivery trucks to utilize the east bound lane. See link, http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?f=/c/a/2009/09/29/BA6V19U3MH.DTL

Check out the happy cyclist in the pictures.

Andy B from Jersey said...

Philly Rules!

While NYC has done more for cycling in the past couple of years, Philly just has a cool younger vibe and has been a bicycling city for longer period of time.

Plus William Penn's layout for the city with its short blocks are naturally great for walking AND bicycling.

My dream job as a new urban planner specializing in bicycle and pedestrian planning, would be to work for the City of Philadelphia.