12 October 2009

Bicycle Rush Hour in La Rochelle, France

The drawbridge was up over the harbour and everyone had to wait for a sailboat to pass before the bicycle riders and pedestrians could progress in the afternoon.

This is La Rochelle, France, on the west coast a couple of hours north of Bordeaux.

Music: Mireille Matheiu - Les bicyclettes de belsize. This video is a perfect candidate for the Slow Bicycle Movement, as is the blossoming bicycle culture in most French cities.

Here's the Copenhagen version of bicyclists waiting for a drawbridge.


l' homme au velo said...

Your Videos as always are Brilliant. That Music and Chanson Conjures up Days Cycling along the River Bank or along the Coastal Cycleway on long Lazy Warm Sunny Afternoons with only the Sound of the Hum of the Cycle Wheels and Chain,C,est La Vie. Beautiful there as always in Copenhagen.

Colibri said...

It's nice to see so many cyclists in La Rochelle, due to some special event I suppose though.
On a side note, I wouldn't have waited for so long for the bridge, I'd rather take a little detour :-)

Anonymous said...

It looks as though the bicycle lane in Copenhagen is at or near capacity at this location. Micheal, do think Copenhagen will continue to add bicycle space? Even if it means taking away auto space?


Michael said...

Beautiful single shot at la Rochelle with the glint of sunlight. Does Vimoe usually deliver such superior image quality, or was it the file size?

I was surprised to see a woman riding on the footpath in the Copenhagen video.

My daughter was soundly abused for doing that there last year. Mike

Mikael said...

thanks for commenting.

rex: the drawbridge was up, behind the camera, so this is exceptional backlog of bikes.

sidewalks: it's rare to see people cycling on them. but generally abuse is rare if you do :-)

Mikael said...

oh, and both vimeo and the upload file size work together. although this video was only about 120 mb.

vimeo really is quite good.