20 October 2009

Dutch Christmas Presents for Me!

Suitably Dressed for Cycling
I make a wish for christmas in Copenhagen and it looks like I may get it from the Dutch.

My recent christmas wish list is for a 30 kmh zone in the city of Copenhagen. Last Saturday, a proposal was announced in Amsterdam for... a 30 kmh zone in the entire inner city.

Here's a news clip from Amsterdam. They're either speaking Dutch or they all have something in their throat.

[i shouldn't joke. Danish is a horrible-sounding language, too. :-)]

Thanks to Marc
for the present. We just want to move it north a bit.


Joakim said...

I am moving there any day! Live in Norberg in Sweden where the kids on bikes have to cross a 50km zone where the trucks drive in 60 right through the city. I have still never seen them stop for the kids.

l' homme au velo said...

In Dublin we have a small little Collection of Streets with the 30kmh Limit in the City Centre and they are Extending this with a few more Streets in January 20010. We progress very slowly.

didrik said...

Wow, even the motorist that was interviewed thought it was "very good".

We just had a hearing in our city here in California for the approval of a new In and Out Burger Restaurant. The citizens objected because the restaurant would encourage people (especially children) to walk there and that they would be in danger of being hit by cars. You read that correctly. The citizens didn't want to fix the problem of cars hitting pedestrians, but instead wanted to prevent the opening of an establishment that would encourage walking.

Heaven forbid we harm the cars.

Joakim said...

Haha that is just hilarious! But the debate is different in the US. According to what I read, walking/riding tend to be seen as bad and driving tend to be seen as good in the US debate. But how do they argument that? That's what I don´t understand.

Scottish Cyclist said...

Humm, just remind me again which country has the fattest population in the world... ;-)

Mikael said...

australia has the dubious honour of being the fattest country in the world

dyrlægen said...

everyone looks fatter upside down.

dyrlægen said...

everyone looks fatter upside down.