03 October 2009

New York Taxis v. 2.0

NY Taxi
I had lots of pleasant surprises in New York City. One of them was seeing so many bicycle taxis/pedicabs/whatever you want to call them. Actually, after taking some photographs of them, I got quite tired of seeing them. They were everywhere around Times Square.
Taxi Sprint
Not all of them were in the process of a healthy sprint, most were rolling casually along.
New York Fixie
And here's a fixie. Mostly because it is brokie. Just tip it up next to the separated bike lane and fix it.


Kim said...

Don't you have them in Denmark, with your great cycling culture? We have them here in Scotland, I even saw one being pedalled from Glasgow to Edinburgh (that is about 90Km) a couple of weeks ago...

Mikael said...

oh yes, we have them. it's just that around times square there are 42 million of them everywhere. :-)

the opoponax said...

And they're considered a novelty meant only for tourists, not a legitimate way to get around. Which I think is sad, especially ever since I traveled in Asia, where this mode of transportation is usually the best way to get around within a city.

I do wish they were metered, or at least had rates displayed clearly on the outside. Not knowing how much they cost or how they work is the main thing keeping me from trying them out.