02 October 2009

Olympian Bicycle Ride in Copenhagen

In conjunction with the International Olympic Committee's conference going on in Copenhagen at the moment, there was a bike ride the other day. Here's a Spanish chap named Miguel Indurain.

It was the only event that united all the people from the cities vying for the chance to host the 2016 Olympics. And what better, classic Copenhagen way to do so than a relaxed 8 km bike ride from Bella Center Conference Complex to the City Hall Square in Copenhagen.

Miguel Indurain interviewed on foot and on bike.

There were 59 Olympic medals represented by 30 Olympic winners, as well as a host of other athletes. Present were the likes of Miguel Indurain, Edwin Moses, Gustavo Kuerten, Michael Johnson, Jackie Joyner Kersee, Morten Andersen, Arancha Sánchez and Frank Fredericks.

Copenhageners were free to participate. It was, by all accounts, a real festival atmosphere. The Tokyoites were by far the most enthusiastic and boisterous. Here's Fumiyuki Beppu, Tour de France rider, pitching for Tokyo:

Obama arrived today. Funnily, I was returning home from Washington, DC and my lecture tour. I happened to speak with the pilot on the way to the gate and he said that we would have to fly extra fast so that we would beat Obama and Air Force One, who were scheduled to land at the same time.

If we didn't beat them, we would have to circle over Copenhagen while the airport was shut down for the arrival of the prez. A heavy foot on the gas pedal and a helpful tailwind saw us arrive 50 minutes ahead of schedule - a rarity these days. So I made it home to have breakfast with the family instead of being delayed by one man's privileged arrival at our airport.

The rumours are that if Obama showed up to pitch for Chicago's bid then he won't show up for the more important COP15 Climate Conference in December. Mostly because he won't have anything to offer, because of political reasons in DC.


Jimm said...

my girlfriend, who works in the EEA (European Environment Agency) in Kongens Nytorv and will be preparing some work for the COP15, has also heard that he is not expected to show up. i won't mind, as it would hopefully mean more people focusing on those who are actually at the event to do some *real* work, instead of playing to the media!

Norbert said...

Hey Jimm,

Sorry, but without the US (and China), you can work all you want and the planet will still go to hell.

Jimm said...

Norbert: and you point is? While you comment maybe true, we don't *need* Obama to actually attend as long as those who are there (including representatives from the U.S. and China) can come up with something that would truely function.

Figure heads are great for rallying the troops to a cause, but does little if the underlying infrastructure sucks. This is why we are having this conference to begin with (among other related reasons).

It should not be used as a media-hype platform for world leaders. We *know* the world is screwed up - we need people to do things about it instead of talking about it, including ourselves.

Anonymous said...

I don't understand why U.S. never wants to participate on climate change issue? What is their problem? They produce a lot of pollution...so why aren't they improving the situation?

Anonymous said...

What kind of bike is Indurain riding in the picture ?

Mikael said...

miguel is on a bike from kildemoes. just some basic city bike from a basic bikemaker.