24 October 2009

Protest Against BMW / The Sacred Bull

At the Berlinale Film Festival last February there was a gala event sponsored by BMW called Cinema for Peace. A couple of protesters decided to protest against BMW and other carmakers. "Cars cause war. BMW should stop making cars before throwing peace galas".

My favourite sub-title is:
"You must move away from here. You cannot sit here like this."

"But if we move we cannot protest. So we can't move."

Now THAT'S logic. ;-)

Thanks to Morten for the link.


l' homme au velo said...

BMW's also cause bad Accidents with their Powerful Cars and they always seem to have the Worst Drivers. The other Day I was going into the City of Dublin and I had to stop at the Lights in Fairview because they went Red but BMW Sports Car kept going after they went Red. In his Haste to beat the Lights he went that fast after he had gone through he had to swerve to avoid a Car in front of him and then had to swerve the other way to avoid another Car. I thought there was going to be a Pile up it came very Near,this was 50 Metres the other side of the Traffic Lights.

So these Extremely fast Cars seem to Attract The Road Hogs. they dont care about anyone else,they just want to Bull their way around.
It is not as if the Lights suddenly went Red,they already changed for Three seconds and this is at a Major Crossroad with Heavy Traffic starting to come at right angles to him. This is coming into the City with a Speed Limit of 50kph or 30mph and he was doing at least 80kph or 50 mph.

kfg said...

Just think, if BMW had stopped making cars back in the day Hannibal wouldn't have driven his Siebener over the Alps and Carthage might be the cultural center of the world today.

dyrlægen said...

true. hitler only invaded poland because the faulty GPS in his BMW stopped him just driving there and he became furious.

Anonymous said...

Now, now, be sensible, we all know that Hitler was a Mercedes-Benz owner...

l' homme au velo said...

Incidentally the Offending BMW Sports Car in question always reminds me of the Messerscmidt 109. It has these sort of Engine Cowls along the side of the Bonnet and it has this sort of Long Shape,a bit like the E Type Jaguar.

Adrienne Johnson said...

Let them all drive Yugo's and Gremlins! That will cure the cursed driving addiction!

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, there are far worse cars to drive than beemers... at least they're reasonably sized and fuel efficient. Certainly not throw-away junk, like some brands.
And I thought it was people who started wars, not inanimate objects.
I like cars - but they're best out on a winding country road.


Drunk Engineer said...

Ironic that BMW is sponsor of Cinema for Peace. The BMW "roundel" logo signifies its beginnings as military aircraft manufacturer -- a business it had to abandon due to WWI armistice.

Regarding 'anonymous' comment about Beamers being small and fuel efficient -- the latest US fuel economy standard has a so-called "German exception" due to poor fuel efficiency of German manufacturers.

However, BMW does make some nice motorcycles...

Anonymous said...

Drunken Engineer,

I dunno about your US exceptions but here are some figures for Combined driving, from bmw.co.uk:

120d SE (manual):
4.7 ltr/100 km or 58.9 mpg

325i SE (manual):
7.2 ltr/100 km or 39.2 mpg

I suspect that beats quite a few of the American models. But I guess they're still not impressive figures...