17 October 2009

Velo-City Global 2010 in Copenhagen

Copenhagen is hosting the Velo-City Glboal 2010 conference next year, in June 2010.

Over 1000 participants from all continents are expected here in the city to dicuss bicycle planning, culture and mobility. It is hosted by the City of Copenhagen and the European Cyclists Federation.

We're getting ready to welcome you. Registration starts online in January.

[Advert produced by Copenhagenize Consulting for the City of Copenhagen and Velo-City Global 2010. And features my son, Felix. :-)]


Peter said...


I'm a co-chair for a bicycling advisory and safety committee for our city in the U.S. We are trying to change things around here for the better but it seems like a long difficult road. My wife and I are very interested in this. Looking forward to hearing more about Velo-City Global.


Mikael said...

sounds great.
check out Copenhagenize Consulting at www.copenhagenize.eu for inspiration and a possible sparring partner for your city regarding bicycle planning.

Peter said...

Will do. Our culture has many hurdles to overcome, but one can only hope. I need to be fed.

Anonymous said...

You are doing it again...just love this little film ;-)
Thanks Claus from kaffecyklen

Green Idea Factory said...

Lovely, Mikael! No shirt, no helmet? Service!

On the other hand I am kind of shocked that on the linked home page of the ECF VeloCity Global site the kids are shown with helmets, since ECF is pro-choice on helmets and they are not required for kids in Denmark.